Case Study


As a large regional medical group prepared to add a new line of business, they realized they had significant groundwork to do before they could accept the additional patient population that came with the line of business. So they turned to Kissinger Group to assist with operational readiness, process and procedure development and regulatory subject matter expertise.


Leveraging a variety of experts, Kissinger Group’s team addressed three important areas:

  1. Analysis of the staff’s readiness and buy-in for this new line of business
  2. Development of new processes and procedures for handling the substantially increased workload
  3. Audit of existing personnel, systems and processes to meet regulatory requirements once the new program was started

Efforts included the development of needs assessments, process road-maps, claims preparations, organizational development recommendations, training program creation, gap remediation as well as the development of policies & procedures and other important documentation.


Prior to launch, the client was able to fully assess the regulatory and organizational challenges associated with this new line of business and remediate where necessary. One of the key executives involved said that Kissinger Group “helped move them further and faster” than they could have possibly done on their own.