Case Study


After a Fortune 500 company acquired a multi-billion dollar business, it needed to reorganize a key department to fit into the newly merged organization. It was a stressful time. Team members were managing increased workloads without role certainty. Employees wanted rapid and clear organizational guidance. So Kissinger Group was brought in to help lead the team’s organizational redesign.


Using a combination of workshops and key stakeholder input, Kissinger Group acted as a neutral expert and helped to quickly build understanding and agreement around a new team structure by:

  • Collaborating with stakeholders to create a team charter
  • Working with the team to develop and evaluate different ways of organizing the group
  • Documenting key roles and accountabilities for team members
  • Defining processes, handoffs, touch points and ways to coordinate activities
  • Planning the transition to the new organizational structure
  • Developing tools to support start up of the new team


At the conclusion of the engagement, team members told us they had strategic purpose, alignment and role clarity. Meanwhile, the company saw optimized processes and a smooth transition to the new organizational design. Word of this success spread and executives in other areas hired Kissinger Group to do similar work.