Case Study


When a major utility received regulatory approval to pilot a groundbreaking electric vehicle program, they had a unique opportunity. The program was a way to build additional revenue streams and new customer relationships, an important opening for the business. But it was going to be a very different type of service offering, unlike anything they had done before. So they turned to Kissinger Group to help design customer-friendly processes and operations for the launch of their new offering.


This complex service offering involved customers, vendors and other stakeholders in a brand new “ecosystem.” Kissinger Group helped the team think through the customer experience and operational implications so they could to build an effective program. Deliverables included:

  • Diagrams, process flows and touch points to depict an overall view of the operational ecosystem
  • Customer journey maps to show how customers would experience the new service
  • Customer “personas” to bring customers to life and demonstrate interests and motivations of different customers
  • “Use cases” to show different ways customers would likely use the new program


Kissinger Group’s efforts helped the client anticipate and prepare for customer issues and challenges that might not otherwise be identified. The client used this insight to develop business requirements to design operations, building a strong foundation for important new customer relationships.