Case Study


An executive at this large utility saw opportunities to optimize the organizational design and underlying processes of his 40-member team. His objective was to ensure the group was appropriately sized and focused on the right work. Additionally, he wanted to improve both morale and productivity.


Kissinger Group provided a neutral perspective, assessed options and risks, and delivered a clear set of recommendations. Specific activities included:

  • Reviewing the existing organizational design and researching industry benchmarks
  • Identifying critical processes and building process flows
  • Designing the recommended structure and staffing for the department, including updated job descriptions as well as RACI documents and a performance management plan
  • Documenting short and long-term recommendations, including an implementation plan, a communications strategy and a change management blueprint


Kissinger Group’s recommendations were accepted and implemented. The engagement delivered both short and long term gains for the team through a new organizational structure, greater role clarity, optimized processes and ongoing performance management standards. Employees were engaged in and aligned to the new way of working and the workforce planning playbook continues to be a valuable resource to the group leader.