Case Study


In response to health care reform requirements, a large hospital system launched an initiative to implement an electronic health records system across a number of regions. The implementation had a significant impact on a diverse set of stakeholders across the system — changing processes, role definitions, and organizational structure. And in order to realize the benefits of this project, the client needed to be sure that both clinical and non-clinical staff understood and adopted these new systems.


Kissinger Group led a change management effort to ensure the transformation was successful by:

  • Building and executing a strategic change plan to facilitate understanding, adoption and alignment across the organization
  • Working with executive leaders to ensure messages about the project were consistent across the enterprise
  • Providing appropriate project visibility to stakeholders across the system
  • Helping to create and direct an internal “change network” – with project advocates across the enterprise
  • Designing segmented communications, training binders, command center plans and process support for the launch, including presentations, toolkits, frequently asked questions and talking points


Kissinger Group helped pave a path of success for a major transition affecting thousands of employees. In addition to promoting changes in technology and process, Kissinger Group’s team helped the different regions standardize how they worked, which delivered additional efficiencies to the business. The initiative was deemed a major success, and the client called it “phenomenal work.”