Case Study


When a Fortune 10 company named a new executive to lead their Diversity and Inclusion function, the executive turned to Kissinger Group to help develop a clear articulation of his group’s strategy. His goal was to communicate the value of diversity and inclusion in a way that would resonate with internal and external constituents.


Using principles borrowed from consumer branding, Kissinger Group developed a strategic platform for Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) so that the strategy was clear and compelling to its target audiences. We:

  • Conducted a diagnostic review of existing D&I strategies, programs, capabilities, assets and resources
  • Interviewed key stakeholders and led workshops to determine needs and expectations
  • Segmented target audiences and evaluated their perceptions of Diversity & Inclusion at the company
  • Crafted a strategic platform that included values and attributes of Diversity & Inclusion
  • Developed value propositions for key target audience groups
  • Designed a road-map to roll out the new messaging


Kissinger Group delivered an objective assessment of the existing strategic communications. Then we helped develop a definitive strategy for the group’s “brand” that provided clarity, focus and alignment among stakeholders. And to make it actionable, we provided direction for communicating and operationalizing the newly-developed messaging.