Case Study


The service operations group of a Fortune 50 company was facing capacity issues, an extensive backlog and a high cost to serve their customers. With no budget for additional employees, they asked Kissinger Group to assess the design of their organization, evaluate customer experience and find new efficiencies.


Kissinger Group conducted a current and future state analysis of the service center’s people, processes and technology. Specifically, we:

  • Assessed the current state of the operation
  • Interviewed key stakeholders & created workflow documentation and analysis
  • Analyzed contact channels, use of automation and service levels
  • Conducted customer interviews
  • Reviewed and synthesized customer satisfaction and quality scores
  • Identified gaps and opportunities
  • Designed a future state organization with metrics around revenue, customer satisfaction & cost efficiency


Our work uncovered major opportunities to simplify internal & external processes, facilitate work-load balancing, optimize existing technology and enhance business insight through improved analytics. Recommendations were phased to provide both immediate relief and sustainable results.