Impact Starts Here.

Kissinger Group is a boutique consulting firm specializing in large scale change initiatives for Fortune 1000 companies.


We deliver a high-performing resource and implementation solution specifically designed for your situation and fully adaptable to evolving business needs.

Our change and transformation specialists extend your team with immediate capacity, deep know-how, and situational experience in programs like post-merger integration, organizational transformation, and culture change.

Performance Power.


Kissinger Group consultants have an approach for your situation, toolsets to accelerate your progress, and the executional drive to make things happen.


Cultural Change

- Agile Transformation
- Future of Work
- Merger of Cultures
- Customer Experience
- Regulatory Response


Organizational Restructuring

- Merger Integration
- Organizational Redesign
- New Organizational Models


Technology Adoption

- Digital Transformation
- System Implementation
- AI Integration
- Data Management

Real Results.


Working side by side with world-class clients we have:

Unlocked incremental value in a F500 company’s merger integration with an organizational redesign that strengthened the power of their worldwide marketing function.

Activated the implementation of an enterprise restructuring across 25 countries, ushering in new ways of working at a multinational company.

Scaled innovation programs at one of the country’s leading healthcare organizations, enhancing patient care while delivering significant savings.

Devised and launched a progressive “Future of Work” program at a tech giant, overcoming productivity and engagement challenges in a changing world.

Driven the communications for an Agile transformation at one of the world’s leading brands, fundamentally improving value delivery.

Spearheaded an industry-leading safety culture evolution at a major energy conglomerate.

How We Work.


With top tier specialty consultants, we build a precise talent solution for your needs.


Frame the problem we are addressing.


A custom solution to fit your business needs.


Expert talent to deliver results and meet your goals.


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